Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Asia Dengue Summit Organising Committee, we wish to thank you for your involvement in the 2nd Asia Dengue Summit which was held from 1st to 2nd March 2017 in Hotel Jen Manila, Philippines.

We have received a positive response from our participants. Some of our guests have even applauded us for the enriching experience they have had at the meeting. Tis would not have been possible without your support and contribution. Over the two days, the diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists have us provided in-depth insights into dengue disease surveillance and diagnostics. We have had a good discussion on the various issues that surround dengue vaccines and their implementation.

We are very excited about the fruitful discussions and learning journeys we have had so far and hope to put the thoughts into action soon, especially in encouraging dengue vaccine introduction in the region.

The Organising Committee will put together a summary of the Summit discussions and the Call to Action. Watch out for more information at: http://adva.asia/

Thank you and we look forward to your continued support in our future meetings.


Prof. Usa Thisyakorn

Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA)

Dr. In-Kyu Yoon

Global Dengue and Aedes-transmitted Diseases
Consortium (GDAC)

Dr. Pratap Singhasivanon


Dr. Valentina Picot

Fondation Merieux (FMx)