Presentation Slides

*Only presentations of speakers who have given consent to share their slides are available for download

Day1 - 1010 WHO SAGE Recommendations on Dengue Vaccine Introduction and Implementation-Dr. James Heffelfinger
Day1 - 1100 Towards Dengue Vaccine Introduction- Report of the Asia-Pacific Dengue Prevention Board Meeting-Prof. Sri Rezeki Hadinegoro
Day1 - 1120 Dengue Vaccination Programme-Decision-Making Process in the Philippines-Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy
Day1 - 1410 Dengue Surveillance in the Asia-Pacific Region-Dr. In Kyu Yoon
Day1 - 1450 Public Health Impact of the Dengue Vaccine-Prof. Tikki Pang
Day1 - 1600 Development of a Toolkit for Dengue Vaccine Implementation-Dr. Isabelle Delrieu
Day1 - 1630 Rapid quantitative and accurate acute dengue diagnostics at the point of care using BluSense Diagnostics technology-Dr. Marco Donolato
Day1 - Summary of Day 1-Prof. Tikki Pang
Day2 - 0910 Because its Free-Communication Challenges in Dengue Vaccine Introduction-Dr. Janette Garin
Day2 - 0940 Dengue Vaccine Advocacy in Asia-The Key Considerations-Prof. Daniel Goh
Day2 - 1000 New Ways of Financing Vaccination-Case Study on Indonesia-Ms. Belinda Chng
Day2 - 1100 Update on Seroprevalence of Zika JE and Dengue from Thailand-A.Prof. Sutee Yoksan
Day2 - 1200 Safety Monitoring of Dengue Vaccines-Dr. Hasitha Tissera
Day2 - 1240 Public acceptance of dengue vaccines-Prof. Zulkifli Ismail
Day2 - 1430 Battling Dengue in the Face of Natural Disasters-Mr. Leonido Olobia
Day2 - 1510 Marathon against Dengue Zika and Chikungunya from Latino America-Ms. Pilar Collantes
Day2 - 1710 Gubler_Asia Dengue Summit_2017