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DAY 1 - THURSDAY 5th JULY 2018

Session 1 Dengue Disease Burden and Surveillance
Plenary Lecture P1.1: Dengue disease burden in the young and old: Updates on populationbased disease burden of dengue
Plenary Lecture P1.2: Addressing the issue of asymptomatic dengue: How can we bridge the gap?
Symposium S1: Dengue Surveillance
S1.1 Dengue surveillance: Where do we stand in Asia
S1.2 How can we achieve an integrated surveillance system, across Asia?
S1.3 Digital surveillance: Is it feasible in Asia
Session 2 Diagnostics and Dengue Management
Plenary Lecture P2: Evolution of dengue viruses through the annual outbreaks
Symposium 2:
Diagnostics and Dengue Management
S2.1 Dilemmas in Dengue diagnosis - Clinical
S2.3 Update of case classification
S2.4 Advances in clinical management of severe dengue
  Laboratory diagnosis of dengue
Session 3 Symposium 3:
S3.1 How reliable are laboratory diagnosis methods for arboviral diseases?
(Development of Rapid diagnosis?)
S3.2 Pre-vaccination testing – reliability and practicality

DAY 2 – FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018

Session 4 Plenary Lecture P4: Overview of Dengue in Adult
Symposium 4: Dengue in Adult
S4.1 Critical care in dengue management
S4.2 Management of dengue in adults - Countries experiences
Session 5 Dengue Vector Control Strategies
Plenary Lecture P5: Review on the global vector control strategies – The good the bad
and the ugly
Symposium 5: Dengue Vector Control Strategies
S5.1 Breakthroughs in dengue vector control
S5.2 Wolbachia - The Asian Experience
S5.3 Strategies to control the adult mosquito population: What are the key recommendations?
S5.4 Financing of dengue control initiatives
Session 6 Dengue Vaccines and their future
Plenary Lecture P6: Current Status of Dengue Vaccines – Challenges and Opportunities
Symposium 6: Dengue Vaccines and their future
S6.1 Dengue vaccines – update of vaccine pipelines
S6.2 Update on dengue vaccination – A tale of two cities
Plenary Lecture P6.2: Road map to Freedom from Dengue


Date: Wednesday 4th July 2018
Time: 9am – 1pm

Pre Summit Workshops 1

Immunology of dengue infections and characteristics of the immune response – implications for vaccines and therapeutics

Pre Summit Workshops 2

Understanding dengue surveillance and vaccine cost effectiveness measures – basics and math